4 Reasons You Need A Long Term Photographer Relationship

Developing a long term photographer relationship has many perks. It can take a photographer some time to really know your brand style. Hopping from one to another doesn’t usually allow you to hit your ideal style. Working consistently with a photographer allows both of you to continue to hone in and improve on exactly the style you’re wanting and needing, allowing your business to thrive.

1. Consistent access to props that can become staples for your brand.

Each photographer has their own stash of backdrops, props, and other things they use for shoots. While each might be able to track down a similar prop to what you’ve had in your photos before, sometimes it’s not quite right! Working with a photographer consistently allows you to build that prop stash. This leads to cohesive brand photography that becomes recognizable by your potential customers.

2. Familiarity with the process makes creating content a breeze.

Each photographer has their own unique way of doing things and a different process they take their clients through. If you’re continually working with different photographers, you have to relearn the process each time. This tends to take more time as you figure out how to navigate a new process with a new photographer. Having a long term photographer relationship allows you to become familiar with their process, and perhaps even allows you to adapt it to perfectly fit you and your business’ needs. In that scenario, everyone knows what to expect for each project, and the final product will be that much better. Everything runs smoother with a process that works for both parties!

3. You know you can trust your photographer.

Once you and your photographer have built that ongoing work relationship, you will build a trust that can’t be found in a one-time project. You know they know your brand and they know what you need. You also know that they can provide the quality of work you need to represent your products well.

4. You’re able to gain a brand partner vs just hiring someone.

Once I’m able to continually work with a brand as a brand photographer, I am able to get to know their business. I’m familiar with their goals, how things are going in their marketing, and how I might help them have a better reach with fresh visuals. I can contribute to casting a vision for the shoots instead of just following a pre-set plan that a business may not have the time to create to begin with. Gaining a partner in this space saves you time – work smarter, not harder!

As your relationship builds, so will the quality of what you’re creating together. Familiarity and trust will grow as your need to worry about your product photography will lessen. If you’re interested in creating a long term photographer relationship with someone who understands the benefits, reach out! Let’s see how we can create both an amazing product and a reliable, lasting relationship!

long term photographer relationship

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