Product Photography & Brand Design – What It’s Like To Work With Alyssa Joy & Co

When a brand needs product photography, there are all kinds of obstacles that can arise. You may need to hire an entire team to work on a shoot so that they have art directing, styling, photography, and editing all covered. Or maybe you’re just having a hard time finding the perfect fit with a photographer. When you work with Alyssa Joy & Co, you don’t have to worry about any of that. We’re a one stop shop. All you have to do is put your beautiful new images into action working for your brand!

I love being able to take a client’s vision for how they want customers to see their product and adore it enough that they need it in their life and bring that to life through custom visuals for their brand or sales campaign. This can look different from client to client and from project to project, so let’s break down the process.

Anyone looking for a product photography shoot…

will start with an inquiry form on my website in order for us to set up a consultation call. This call will determine your needs and then I’d put together a custom proposal based on what we discussed. We will settle the contract and invoice at this point – the admin stuff!

For example, if you’re a larger company and want more involvement in the process for an ad or a specific campaign, you will have received prices and a proposed prop budget in your custom proposal. After you send me the products, we’ll meet and talk about the theme and look you’re going for and any other shoot specifics. Based on that meeting, I’ll provide you with a custom creative proposal. The proposal will have examples of how we will shoot the images and the campaign overall. You’ll have a chance to approve and give feedback on the proposal so we can make it perfect. Finally, I’ll shoot and edit the project, and deliver via online album for immediate download and use!

Under normal circumstances, after finding me, the photographer, you’d have to continue your search to fill out the other roles needed on a project like this. You may need a producer, a photo assistant, a prop stylist, a set designer, and other specialized team members. With Alyssa Joy & Co on your project, all of that is taken care of for you! Working with a one stop shop like us will streamline your project making it take less time, cost less, and be less of a headache for you. Instead of wasting time searching for those additional roles, you can pay attention to other, more important things. You can leave it all to me to make your vision come to life. After you’ve approved the creative proposal, all you need to worry about is how you’re going to put your new, perfectly curated images to work!

Alyssa Joy & Co also offers product photography for smaller brands looking for one-time shoots, monthly product photography subscriptions, and brand design services. You can learn more about those offers here.


Walter Landor once said, “products are made in a factory, but brands are created in the mind.”

I love this quote because that’s exactly what I get to do by providing product brands with visuals. I have the skill set to meet your visual needs – whether that’s graphic design, product photography, styling, and more. We can work together to come up with what you need and provide a cohesive and beautiful end product since we’ll be with you from the beginning!

Interested in any of those services? Reach out and let’s get the ball rolling to get you amazing product photography and brand design!

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