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Elevate Your Identity and Social Presence

Don’t let your competition out-sell you because your branding and imagery don’t match the quality of your product. Take your business to the next level with our customer-converting visuals.

My business is expanding, but my products aren’t represented on social media the way I’d like. 

Gorgeous social feeds take time, creativity, and a cohesive plan. Continually curating new content that speaks to your ideal customer can be overwhelming. Alleviate that pressure with our subscription photography packages! 

Social Media Subscription

I need images for web and media, but I don’t have exactly what I need.

You are in demand — from magazines to your website, you need a tailored look to share your products or services with the world! Let’s put together a themed shoot that will give you the images you need to take people from just-curious to loyal customers. 

Brand Photoshoot

I’m looking for a solid first impression for my new business. 

Do you need a logo and branding package that’s stunning, structured, and simply elegant? From initial brand boards to your logo and sub logo, we help you develop a gorgeous brand identity that’s ready to take on the e-commerce industry.

Branding Services

My business has grown out of its current look and needs a design improvement!

You know that your current look has helped you get where you are, but you’re ready for the next level. We partner with you to develop a cohesive branding strategy that completely refreshes your branding and website look!

Website Design & Development Services

I’m working on a stellar site and social feed but need some content that inspires.

Empower your new look with words that convert. If you’re interested in elevating your website content with SEO strategy and a consistent brand voice, check out our branding partner, Nicole at Flourish Copywriting.

Flourish Copywriting

 We help you provide a stunning online shopping experience that inspires customers to engage today and tomorrow.

Evaluate Your Needs.

Break open the planner and write down the things you like and don’t like about your current look. Do some research and find 2-3 businesses in your niche that have a brand style that inspires you. 


Setup a consulT.

Schedule a complimentary, no-obligation consult call to chat with Alyssa about your products, your branding, your discoveries, and your monthly photography needs. 


Review your options.

Alyssa sends you a custom proposal with a menu of options to redefine or support your social and branding strategy.


Refresh your look.

Once we sign a contract, you’ll be on your way to a new look, whether through consistent social images or a new branding package. 


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We specialize in products that raise the bar for daily living.

We’re experienced in the following spaces: 

Skincare      Home Wares
Mom + Baby   |    Bath + Body
  Kid’s Toys + Clothing    |    Specialty Food + Drink

Trusted by top brands like:

The photos are beautiful, and the color representation is perfect. I had never used a professional product photographer before, but now I am converted. In only the week since I have updated my photos sales on this product have increased over 30%. 

CLAIRE, Tart Design Co.

Everyone I have worked with since hiring Alyssa Joy & Co. has commented about how my branding is on point and how my photography is fantastic! If someone was on the fence about investing in photography for their brand, I would tell them, if they want to be a respectable, professional business, getting pro photography just simply isn’t optional.

Jennifer, Creation Skin

So, I am picky. Like crazy picky!  I've been searching for the perfect photographer for over two decades, and I've finally found her! I am absolutely thrilled with Alyssa, and I have never once been disappointed. Beautiful, gorgeous, consistent and absolutely perfect. 

Julie, Little girl's Pearls

Think you can do it all?

From sourcing and creating to fulfilling orders and marketing, your job is never done! Let us help you enjoy your process again and do what you do well. We can provide you consistent brand photography and design that takes one more thing off your plate. 

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