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Need captivating branding images and product photography to help take your brand to new heights? At Alyssa Joy and Co., I love discussing your voice and mission and crafting just the right vision. Because every shot is an opportunity to connect with your ideal customers, I find diving into work with all kinds of industries has grown my abilities as a designer and photographer. From boutiques to well-established labels, I’m in it to build relationships and become an extension of your brand.


E-commerce Photography That Captures the IMAGINATION

Stop the scroll and make the sale. It seems like a simple assignment, but getting your images to convert can be a little harder than it sounds. After month after month of not having the right shots for your social presence, we can help you and your visual team get back on track — doing what you all love most.

Step 1: Understanding Your Company's Needs

Intentionally crafted images + an elevated visual presence = a stronger brand connection. 

We start by diving deep into your brand’s identity and understanding your specific imaging requirements. Whether it’s eye-catching visuals for your ad campaigns every month or a brand shoot that communicates your expertise, we’ve got you covered. 


Step 2: Spotting your ideal customer

From their aspirations and desires to their pain points, we create brand images that resonate and advance your customer’s connection with your label. 


Step 3: Infusing Personality with Airy Aesthetics

We want your brand photography to exude familiarity, light, and detail. From the models we use to the specific lighting requirements, we ensure your products feel relatable and approachable to your customer base while elevated and cohesive.


Step 4: Soaring Brand status

From carefully curated staging and styling to providing the finest quality images, we go above and beyond to make your brand stand out as a premium choice in your industry. 

From carefully curated staging and styling to providing the finest
quality images, we go

above and beyond to make your brand stand out as a premium choice in your industry. 

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In the competitive world of skincare, where every product promises beauty and transformation, it's crucial to stand out. Great skincare photography does more than just showcase your products – it conveys your brand's values, the care you put into your formulations, and the results your customers can expect.

SKincare Photography



With an artistic eye, a design background, and a passion for crafting narratives that sell products, I specialize in turning everyday household products into compelling visual experiences! From the smallest detail to the bigger picture, I love drawing out the essence of your craft, making them irresistible to your target audience.

Household Product Photography

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Health +Wellness

Alyssa Joy and Co. offers more than just photography; we provide a comprehensive solution for your wellness and fitness brand's visual needs. Our streamlined brand photoshoots and photography subscriptions ensure consistent imagery that speaks to your ideal clients, keeping your brand's social, websites, emails, or product listings fresh and engaging. 

Health & Wellness Photography

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Food & Beverage

In the realm of food and beverage, a powerful image speaks volumes. How your products are presented can be the deciding factor in customers' choices. Our commercial photography for food and beverage isn't just about capturing the product — it's about creating images that showcase your brand's personality.

Packaged Food & Beverage Photography

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Alyssa's background in both photography and design infuses a unique perspective into her work. Every shot is a testament to the colors and shapes that move plates within the culinary journey – from capturing the intricacies of plating to highlighting the vibrant colors of ingredients.

Restaurant Food Photography

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We are committed to being your local partner, providing branding photography that brings your brand's story to life. Our goal is to understand your business's values, aspirations, and unique features, translating them into captivating visuals. As a dedicated branding photographer, Alyssa Joy and Co. goes the extra mile to ensure that each image captures the spirit of your business.

Brand Photography

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“We love working with Alyssa for our social accounts! She has a great eye for branding and photography and really takes the time to understand our brand's voice and goals. The monthly process with her is simple and easy—a lot of fun as well! We always look forward to the creative ideas she comes up with for each month and are wowed by her beautiful photography.”

- VOesh, NY

We are so thankful for Alyssa and her professional and creative photography of our products! She breathed life into our brand and gave us great content to build our website and social media. Since sharing the photos on social media and redoing our website, we have increased sales and gained attention of major retailers interested in distributing our products and even a few venture capitalists interested in buying our company. It's been an exciting year, and we look forward to what 2021 holds for our company and will continue to use and recommend Alyssa's photography services!

- Femallay

It’s time to take one more thing off your business’ creative bandwidth and help you show up in ways that inspire, challenge, and help to close the sale. Your customers need your products. And your brand deserves the right creative partner. 

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