Dulce Diana, based out of Tyngsborough, Massachusetts, specializes in small-batch handmade caramels. These sweets aren’t sitting pretty on a shelf, waiting to be ordered. They are handcrafted and packaged with the utmost care, sending a deliciously fresh gift or a simple “thank you” to the people in your life. Dulce Diana wouldn’t exist without — Diana! So we knew that we had to include something that had a personal feel do it, but while also achieving the elevated elegant look Diana was going for with the direction of her business. That brought us to the perfect pairing of a serif font, which communicates classic and sophisticated, and a handwritten script font, which gives a personal and creative flair! 

Dulce Diana, Handmade Caramels

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 We wanted to show the heart behind the company — what better way to do that than join Diana in the kitchen and experience making a batch of her delicious caramels. Not only are these caramels the most delicious you will ever taste, but they are made with love  — and a desire to help you show the  people in your life that you care! 

Brand Photoshoot

We brought the branded look full circle with custom-printed, matte-finish product boxes as well as themed insert cards for special occasions.

Package Design

Alyssa and Nikki will take your ideas and thoughts and create a brand that will reflect your passion. When I began this process I had no idea the time, work and dedication it would take to make the vision in my head into a reality that could be seen by everyone. I loved going through the branding process with Alyssa and Nikki  — all my questions and concerns were addressed from the very beginning. 

If I had to choose a favorite step in this journey I would not be able to — Alyssa’s eye for creating a brand for your product is second to none; she will tease you by offering up bits and pieces of her work along the way, and then when she finally puts it all together she blows you away. I was stunned on how beautiful everything turned out. The logo, the color scheme, packaging, business cards, and inserts all reflect my vision for Dulce Diana.  

Nikki takes the few words you share with her and writes a masterpiece! During the process, every time I read something Nikki wrote, I could not help but wonder how she does it. It was like she had a direct tap into my thoughts and brought them to life. When I go back and read the content on my website, I can hear my own voice,  as if I were speaking out loud.  

When I realized that my time with them would shortly be up, it made me sad because for those few months, they felt like my colleagues instead of a vendor I hired to rebrand my business. So do yourself a favor, and hire the best colleagues around — you won't regret it!

Diana, Dulce Diana, LLC

Alyssa Joy Gordon is a New Hampshire-based Brand Designer and Product Photographer who serves brands through fresh design and meaningful imagery that drives profit.