Nix the day-rate photographer — you deserve a white-glove approach.

Let’s combine our innovative hats and experience the full scope of an Alyssa Joy and Co. partnership. Pssst, It’s a little like working with your own secret creative director. As a stylist, graphic designer, and photog all in one, I craft custom brand and e-commerce photography and design experiences based on your unique business needs.

I’ve Been Looking for This! Let’s Chat.

I’m simply inspired by all things beautiful and incorporate intentionally magical, airy, or stunning color vibes into every image that I produce. I want every person who sees my work to feel both seen and uplifted. 

Whether crafting a dream product imaging suite or coming up with your brand shoot inspiration, I feel privileged to stand in your brand’s corner. 

Hi I'm Alyssa. Photographer, branding, logo and web designer, and ever entrepreneur.

After college, I started getting into graphic design and absolutely loved it. From web and branding design to paper collateral, I was able to hone my creative flair and press into the art world. Enter stage left, my little mini-me. 

As soon as I became a mom, I knew I was going to work from home (And this was in 2012, before the great migration to work-from-home gigs.) I wanted to spend my life surrounded by the people I loved most while building a business that uplifted beauty and inspired action. I had no idea that the thought of picking up a camera lens and starting photographing people would take me to this point, but over a decade later, here we are. 

My background in brand design (and continued love for a good branded product) does help me understand the process that Creative Directors and everyone on the team has to go through to bring your company’s marketing to life. With my eye for styling and passion for perfection, I love engaging with the best parts of design to bring a concept to reality. 

A little about me

Alyssa Joy Gordon is a New Hampshire-based Brand Designer and Product Photographer who serves brands through fresh design and meaningful imagery that drives profit.