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At Alyssa Joy & Co. the branding experience marries beautiful colors, classic fonts and custom designs that will speak to your ideal customer.

Investment begins at $1400

Our branding package is tailored for the entrepreneur who is growing a creative business from a passion to change the world.

You know the brands that stick with you more than you stick to it? They make you feel something the second you look at them and you couldn’t look away. They stand on a strong foundation of research, passion, and excellence. We believe in bringing the right questions to the table to get down to the elemental facets of your brand. To launch the right visual tone for your website, we must know who you are and why you create your products. Building a brand identity takes time, and when you partner with Alyssa Joy and Co., you get a dedicated research partner and a brand stylist who understands how to deliver your ideas and products in a look that’s both timeless and current.


Visual Branding

What’s an item without the pretty package? If one NYC shop never chose that iconic robin blue, how would the package-design world even define success?

While we can’t claim you’ll turn into the next multi-billion dollar jewelry business, we know how important your packaging is — whether it’s the first look on a store shelf or the final product being mailed to the eager consumer. 

We’ll take your visual identity and give you a package design that’s styled to perfection and communicates quality. 


Package Design

Investment begins at $500

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Since you’re looking for a branding style partner, it means you’re on the cusp of something great. Cheers to you and your endeavors!
With your many decisions to make, I want you to feel completely at ease with every step of our journey and be as transparent as possible. After an initial consultation with Alyssa, we will create a custom proposal for your brand.

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