Why I Love Skincare Product Photography | DHC Skincare

DHC Skincare is a long term client of mine that is a dream to work with. They are an international skincare company with multiple commerce outlets including printed catalogs, e-commerce, social media, and in store sales. They found me on Pinterest and we’ve worked together on their skincare product photography monthly ever since!

dhc skincare product photography

Since we’ve been working together for awhile, we have our process down. We kick off the project with a call about their marketing goals for that month. This can include what’s on sale, what products they want to feature for their catalog and web, if they’re looking for evergreen imagery this month, and more. This month they were focused on the “new year, new you” concept and wanted to feature new skincare sets and duos. I took these ideas and created a visual creative brief that included three different set ups to choose from. My brief included a concept of a lifestyle type setting with a mirror that signified reflecting on the new year and a bathroom vanity with the sets.

Working with DHC Skincare is wonderful not only because of their great product, but also because I love shooting skincare! Shooting a product in its natural environment and in natural light is where I find my creative joy. This shoot was also one of my first, big natural light shoots in my new studio. The light couldn’t have been better. I took this opportunity to build out a faux bathroom set up in my studio and I love how it turned out!

When shooting skincare product photography, you do typically run into some issues with reflections. A lot of times, bottles are reflective in one way or another. Luckily, it’s nothing a little white sheet to bounce the light couldn’t solve! I always have multiple white foam boards and poster boards on hand. This allows me to get rid of reflections and bounce more light back onto the scene which results in a lot less post production work.

This really was one of those shoots where the creative stars aligned. The light was perfection, the setting was perfection, and the products sat there all perfect and pretty. It was the best!

bts of a skincare product photography shoot

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