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Happy Healthy Women Series

Femallay was founded with a passion for reimagining and positively transforming the world of feminine wellness. One of the continual content creation goals for Femallay is to capture images of happy healthy women. 


We're Brewing

One of Femallay's products is their healthy and delicious loose leaf teas, which we brought to life with these brewing images so potential clients could see and experience the beautiful brewed colors.


The Beach Series

This photoshoot took place in the beautiful summer sunshine at a local beach featuring three happy and healthy woman and of course showcasing various Femallay products from their flagship period cup products to their beautifully brewed loose leaf teas.


The Lifestyle Series

Bringing Femallay's products into everyday living spaces gives potential customers a feeling and lifestyle to identify with. 


The Modeled Series

Having real woman interacting with Femallay's products, again is able to bring potential consumers to a space where they can envision a lifestyle that they desire and how the products can get them there.

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